Duncans Home in the SubBurbs

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Duncans Home in the SubBurbs

Post by Duncan on Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:54 pm

a house in the South SubBurbs. Theres a pool in the backyard, its empty and has Bike tire tracks in it, along with a ramp exiting the pool. Inside the house is rather unkept. There are three bedrooms, a small kitchen taht connects to a small dineing room, a liveing room, and a basement. Inside the garage in teh back, there are about 7 bikes in there, all custom made by Duncan and his bro's. Inside his room, which is the last one down the hall, are Posters of Bands (Story of the year, Avenged Seven Fold, Disturbed, Bullet for my Valentine, etc.), an unmade bed adn the floor is barely able to be seen by the clothes on it.

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